Nine Northern Lives: Logan Haight

Nine Northern Lives: Logan Haight

MARQUETTE, Mich.—Each semester of the 2018-19 academic year, Northern Michigan University Athletics will highlight nine different student-athletes or stories for their significance on and off the playing surface. The features are due to be released approximately every two weeks in accordance with the corresponding athletic seasons. Each feature will touch on student-athletes and their interesting and unique journeys at Northern Michigan University.

In the fifth edition of the Nine Northern Lives for the winter semester, NMU Athletics highlights Logan Haight of the NMU Golf team. To view the video, click HERE

Good health is something that many people take for granted. Logan Haight was no different until he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

His sophomore year of highschool he began to realize that something wasn't right as his health started to diminish along with his weight. After his diagnosis, Logan began the treatment process.

"My senior year I started going through surgeries." Haight explained. "I had four different surgeries and I dropped down to 89 pounds at one point. I couldn't play golf or do anything."

After his first surgery, he was still suffering complications and was sent into emergency surgery where the doctors found that his small intestines had turned completely black. Without this surgery, Logan would have had to wear a ileostomy bag for the rest of his life. Despite this, Haight still manages to compete at the  collegiate level. He has competed 17 times for the Wildcats to date and is currently participating in his final season at NMU.

While struggling with his illness a lot of colleges lost interest in Haight as a golfer. Northern Michigan was the only college that remained interested and took a chance on Haight.

"I was getting recruited by a few schools but after going through this everyone basically dropped me. Northern Michigan was the only school that would talk to me."

Grateful to have the chance to play at NMU despite everything that he has gone through, he believes dealing with his condition has caused him to gain a much more positive outlook on life and golf in general.

"I am more optimistic and happy. Before going through this I used to get down on myself. But now, there are so many worse things" Haight says. "In terms of golf, it has taught me I can go out and shoot 100 and it doesn't matter. I could be in that hospital bed right now."

Moving away from home for the first time is not always easy, especially while dealing with an illness. Luckily, Haight was able to find a family within his teammates, who have been highly supportive throughout his college career.

"The support from my family, my teammates and the University in general, being welcomed. I couldn't be more happy to be a 'Cat."