Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The SAAC is an advisory group for the Athletic Department on matters pertaining to intercollegiate athletics and student-athlete affairs. The SAAC also coordinates events throughout the academic year that involve student-athletes from all of the intercollegiate teams. 

SAAC By-Laws

For more information about SAAC contact Evee Sampson, Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance, at or 906-227-2939.

CHAMPS Lifeskills Sessions

Northern Michigan University is a member of the NCAA CHAMPS LifeSkills program that supports the five aspects of CHallenging Athletes Minds for Personal Success, commitment to athletic excellence, commitment to academic excellence, commitment to service, commitment to personal development, and commitment to career development. 

For more information about CHAMPS contact Bridget Berube at or 906-227-2371.

Women's Cross Country
(Shannon Flynn-president, Jaylee Brown-secretary)

Men's Golf
(Hunter Mires-treasure, Alex Palmer)

Women's Basketball
(Taylor Hodell, Chloe Tompkins-vice president)

Women's Soccer
(Madison Hamila, Abigail Cook, Wynona Maravilla)

(Filip Starzynski, Zach Diamontoni)

Men's Swimming
(Nathan Rotundo, Curran Moffitt)

(Jeremy Statz, Jake Mayon, Patrick Ryan, Josh Hafner)

(Angelica Bogden, Shelby Klotz)

Women's Swimming
(Sara Foucault, Sam Dickie)